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We believe that great design creates a wonderful user experience. It tells great stories and is informed by data. Our designs solutions for the US Senate visualize three main pathways of experiences for users to interact with the site. These experiences centered around, service structure and participation all use some common themes to improve the user experience, mainly:

  • Simplified user navigation

  • Organization of content by experience/theme

  • ·Sub-nested menus for larger Sections

  • Focus on information through interaction (data visualization(s))

  • Direction to contact of elected officials & staff as  a top-level experience

US Senate Web Mock Ups_Option 1 Phone.png


Focus on Service

  • Open

  • Exploratory

  • Inclusive

US Senate Web Mock Ups_Option 2 Phone.png


Focus on Structure

  • Academic

  • Informative

  • Instructive

US Senate Web Mock Ups_Option 3 Phone.png


Focus on Participation

  • Engaging

  • Inspirational

  • Exploratory

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