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Focus on Participation

Website design focused around the members of the senate with interactive data about the current legislature of the senate, house of representatives, congress, as well as prominent direction to state representatives.

User Experience:

  • Engaging

  • Inspirational

  • Exploratory

User Interface:

  • The ability to sort current legislation of the Senate/House by State

  • The ability to sort committees Senate/House by chart of the seats

  • A breakdown of roles/titles/contact information/ legislation/voting history by state

  • Call to action issued by clicking on state and or US territory.

Design Notes:

  • Home Page with interactive legislative calendar

  • State Map with Integrated contact information for representatives and the issues effecting that state.

  • Callouts to interface with representatives/staff through social media

US Senate Web Mock Ups_Option 3 Phone.png


US Senate Web Mock Ups_Option 3 Web.png


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